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La Pyanepsia, un festival ancien dont les origines remontent probablement à l’époque mycénienne, était associée à Apollon et Thésée, le héros fondateur d’Athènes, et dans une certaine mesure à Hélios et aux déesses des saisons collectivement connues sous le nom de Horai.


Pyanepsia, a Mycenaean festival

In Archaic and Classical times, the festival centered around panspermia, a mixture of beans, wheat, and other seeds and grains. Both Isidore and Porphory considered beans to be one of humanity's first and most primitive foods. The appropriate activity for the party was the story of legends, probably from Theseus and related myths.

The explanation for this panspermia is found in the myths and legends associated with Theseus. The story told was that it was on this day that Theseus, who had just returned from killing the Minotaur, wished to pay his vows to Apollo. The youths who had returned with him pooled and boiled what remained of their provisions to provide a feast and an offering to Apollo for bringing them safely from Delos to Attica (Plutarch, Theseus, 22.4).

Another practice of this festival is the carrying of eiresiones throughout the city by boys, who sang the above eiresione song as they traveled from house to house. Plutarch described the eiresione as "an olive branch crowned with wool, such as Theseus used at the time of his supplication, and laden with all kinds of fruit offerings, to signify that the shortage was over" (Theseus, 22.5 ).

Parke dit qu’il portait également des formes de pâtisserie de harpes, de coupes, de pampres de vigne et d’autres choses. Les fêtards s’attendaient apparemment à un cadeau de chaque maison qu’ils visitaient. À l’époque classique, une eiresione était suspendue au-dessus de presque toutes les portes d’Athènes et jouissait de sa position particulière toute l’année, étant remplacée à la Pyanepsia et à la Thargelia.

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On this day, the greek celebrated Pyanepsia. This festival, surely of Mycenaean origin, dates back to the myth of Theseus who had just returned from his fight against the Minotaur. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #7pyanepsion #Greece #athens #pyanepsia