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Vardan II Mamikonian or Vartan II Mamigonian (in Armenian Վարդան Բ Մամիկոնյան), also known as Saint Vardan, (died in 451) is an Armenian military leader. This strategist, revered for his courage, is one of the greatest military and spiritual leaders of ancient Armenia.

Saint Vardan

Saint Vardan, defender of Christian Armenia

Heir of the Mamikonian princes, he is the son of Hamazasp Mamikonian and Sahakanoush, daughter of Saint Sahak the Great and descendant of the Arsacid kings.

He became a sparapet in 432 and was summoned by the Persians at Ctesiphon, where he was forced to convert to Zoroastrianism. On his return in 450, Vardan resumed his Christian religion and organized a revolt in Armenia against the Sassanids. He perished during the Battle of Avarayr, and thus became, through his fierce resistance, one of the most eminent figures in the Armenian world.

His personal secretary Yéghichê wrote the History of Vardan and the War Armenian. An equestrian statue of Saint Vardan stands in Yerevan.

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Today, Armenians commemorate Saint Vardan. Defender of Christian Armenia against the Sassanids and great military leader, he is venerated in Armenia. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #February 15 #saintvardan #vartan


Saint Vardan