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La Theseia le lendemain de Pyanepsia et d’Oskhophoria a célébré le retour des ossements (présumés) de Thésée à Athènes depuis leur lieu de sépulture d’origine sur l’île de Skyros, comme l’ordonnait l’oracle de Delphes.


Theseia the return of the bones of Theseus

The Athenians created a temenos near the agora (and probably near the Temple of Hephaestus) to re-bury the remains and instituted a festival in 475 BCE to honor the state hero.

The observance became a grand celebration with a procession, athletic games, and the eating of meat sacrifices. Another distinctive feature of this festival was the serving of athara, a special “pudding” made from milk.

The eighth of the month is a day dedicated to Poseidon, divine father of Theseus, and often to Theseus himself, from where it lends itself to the observation of an event as important as the return of the remains of the hero of the 'State.

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On this day, the Athenians celebrated Theseia. The bones of founding father Theseus were returning to Athens. This month was also an opportunity to worship Poseidon, the divine father of Theseus. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #Theseus #Athens #8pyanepsion