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THE Carmentalia are a religious holiday celebrated on the 11th and  in honor of the Roman goddess Carmenta.

Carmenta, who had her temple at the top of the Capitoline Hill, was invoked because of her attributes Postvorta And Antevorta, epithets which referred to his power of vision both into the past and into the future. The festival of Carmentalia was observed mainly by women.


Carmentalia, for the prophetess of Arcadia

Carmenta or Carmentis is a Roman deity, and also a prophetess of Arcadia. She had a son by Mercury, Evander, with whom she went to Italy, where Faunus, king of Latium, welcomed them favorably.

C’est à Rome qu’elle a reçu le nom de Carmenta. Auparavant, elle s’appelait Nicostraté, Thémis ou Tissandra. Par ce nouveau nom, issu de Carmen (« chant magique »), Rome reconnaissait ses dons prophétiques. Ce fut elle qui prédit à Hercule son glorieux destin.

She was perhaps a goddess of the Waters, and it is certain that she was a protective goddess of women in childbirth; Roman women worshiped him.

Carmenta was accompanied by two Camenas: Antevorta, the "fairy of the past", and Postvorta, the "fairy of the future". After her death at the age of 110, she was admitted among the gods of

She is represented as a young girl whose hair, which curls naturally, falls in rings over her shoulders; she wears a crown of beans, and near her is a harp, symbol of her prophetic character. A minor flamine was attached to him, and his festival, the Carmentalia, took place on January 11 and 15.

This festival was apparently established by the Senate in the 3rd century BC. BC, to commemorate the victorious struggle of Roman women who refused to have children until the Senate had reinforced their right to travel by car, a right which had recently been taken away from them.

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On this day, the Romans celebrated Carmentalia in honor of Carmenta. A prophetess capable of seeing the future and the past, she was revered by women. #mythology #myth #legend #January 11 #January 15 #calendar #carmenta #carmentalia