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, Numa Pompilius, is said to have instituted an annual ceremony dedicated to Fides Publica in which the chief priests were to be transported to his temple in a covered arched chariot drawn by two horses on October 1. There, they must render her services with their heads covered and their right hand wrapped up to the fingers to indicate absolute devotion to her and symbolize trust.

Fides Publica

Fides Publica, trust and good faith

Elle était également vénérée sous le nom de Fides Publica Populi Romani (« Confiance publique (ou commune) du peuple romain »). Elle est représentée sous les traits d’une jeune femme couronnée d’une couronne d’olivier ou de laurier, tenant à la main une tourterelle, des fruits ou des grains, ou une enseigne militaire. Elle porte un voile blanc.

Fides (latin : Fidēs) était la déesse de la confiance et de la bonne foi (bona fides) dans le paganisme romain. Elle était l’une des vertus originelles à être considérée comme une véritable divinité religieuse. Fides est tout ce qui est requis pour « l’honneur et la crédibilité, de la fidélité dans le mariage, aux arrangements contractuels et à l’obligation que les soldats doivent à Rome ».

Fides is also reliability, “reliability between two parties, which is always reciprocal”. and “bedrock of relationships between people and their communities,” then he was transformed into a Roman deity and from which we get the English word, “fidelity.”

The Roman deity may have an example in Regulus "who refuses to save himself at the expense of the Republic." Regulus challenged his own interests for those of his country. In this act alone he acted faithfully. »

His temple, the Temple of Fides on Capitoline Hill, was also called Fides Publica and Fides Publica Populi Romani. Dedicated by Aulus Atilius Calatinus and restored by Mr. Aemilius Scaurus, the structure was surrounded by a display of bronze tables of laws and treaties, and was sometimes used for meetings of the Senate.

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On this day, the Romans celebrated Fides Publica. The goddess of trust and good faith, the foundation of all human relationships. The European symbols of trust and white paste come from this goddess. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #October 1st #Fids #Rome


Fides Publica