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Navam Poya is marked by a public holiday in Sri Lanka. This day is usually celebrated on the first full moon in February, although in some years it may occur in late January.

Navam Poya

Navam Poya, the full moon of February

This full moon has special significance for Buddhists in Sri Lanka as it marks two important events. The first commemorates the appointment of Sariputta (Sariyuth) and Moggallana (Mugalan) as the first two principal disciples (Aggasavakes) of the

Navam Poya commémore également le tout premier concile bouddhiste, tenu trois mois après la mort du Bouddha. C’est ici que le Vinaya (le code d’éthique fondamental des moines bouddhistes) a été proclamé sur la base des enseignements que le Bouddha avait transmis à ses disciples.

In 1979, the first Navam Perahera (parade) took place at the Gangaramaya temple in Colombo. This perahera has become one of the most popular and largest competitions in Sri Lanka. The parade includes hundreds of beautifully decorated elephants accompanied by crackers, fire dancers, flag bearers, traditional dancers and musicians.

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Today, in Sri Lanka, the full moon Navam Poya is celebrated. This commemorates the first two disciples of Gautama Buddha. A large elephant parade has been organized since 1979. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #navam #poya #srilanka


Navam Poya