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The baptism of Christ Jesus by John the Baptist is a major event in the life of Jesus which is described in three of the gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke. It is considered to have taken place in Al-Maghtas, also called Bethany. Beyond the Jordan, now located in Jordan. The holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after Epiphany.

baptism of Christ

Baptism of Christ by his cousin John

The location of the Jordan has a particular meaning in the Bible: in the Old Testament, it is one of the limits of the Land promised to the Hebrews led by Moses. Moses not having the right to enter the Promised Land, he cannot cross the Jordan.

Par ailleurs Jean-Baptiste baptise dans le Jourdain un baptême de conversion : les Juifs traversaient le Jourdain pour se faire baptiser par Jean-Baptiste, à travers ce baptême ils se reconnaissaient pécheurs, et pouvaient de nouveau entrer dans la Terre Promise après leur baptême.

It is in this context that, according to the gospels, the baptism of Jesus Christ took place. Jesus arrives at the banks of the Jordan to be baptized.

The baptism of Jesus is recounted in almost the same terms by the four evangelists. This unanimity gives the story all the greater credibility asa priori the evangelists should have been uncomfortable with the idea that Jesus might have wanted to receive baptism.

Indeed, the primary objective of baptism is to redeem from original sin. Now Jesus is not a sinner, and he is already the son of God by nature, so he has no need for baptism, even less at the hands of his cousin John the Baptist.

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Today, Catholics celebrate the baptism of Christ. Theology links this gesture to Christ's willingness to take on the sin of the world, finalizing with his crucifixion. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #9January #baptism #christ #jesus


Baptism of Christ