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The Feast of Ullr is celebrated on November 22 for Hunting and gaining the personal luck necessary for success. The Feast of Ullr was traditionally a hunting festival. Ullr, god of the hunt, and the bow were honored and a feast was shared by the tribe from the spoils of the hunt. The festival of Ullr is often associated with the goddess Skadi.

Ullr Festival

The Feast of Ullr, for hunting and luck

Skadi is a Jotun who came to Asgard in search of the Were Guild (recompense) for the death of her father Thjazi who was killed in the attempt to steal Idunna and her apples. Her name means "shadow" or "false" and she is a goddess of winter. Even though she is a Jotun, she is counted among the gods and goddesses. His house in Thrymheim is located in Jotunheim, but it is one of the sacred dwellings of tradition.

She is the divinity of snowshoes. Skadi is depicted as ruggedly handsome, on skis or snowshoes, with a bow. Like Odin, the wolf is sacred to her.

Skadi first appeared to the Aesir in her guise as Warrior Maiden. She was fully armored and ready to take revenge for her father's death. For this reason, she is also a goddess of vengeance. The gods of Asgard offer her the were guild and she asks for the impossible, to make her laugh.

In order to fulfill this request, Loki ties a rope to a goat's beard and the other end to his testicles. This done, he begins a standoff with the goat. After almost castrating himself, Skadi ends up laughing. Some believe that the mountain goat is Skadi in animal form because it is a beast of the mountains where it makes its home.

As she was made to laugh, Skadi accepted the offer to marry one of the gods. The problem was that she had to choose her husband by seeing only his feet. She hoped to choose the beautiful Baldur, but ended up choosing Njord. The marriage would not last because Skadi was not happy living by the sea and Njord did not like living in the freezing cold of the mountains.

Skadi also had a role to play in Loki's affair. She was the one who placed the snake over Loki's eyes when he was bound so that the poison would drip into his eyes. This is just one of the reasons why she is considered a goddess of death. She also has close ties to Odin and is said to have been the mother of his children, as some of the Jarls of old are said to be of their lineage.

His main cult was in Scandinavia, where some considered her to be the wife of Ullr. She is also a goddess of hunters, skiers and wild beasts, and an independent woman (just like Freya).

Ullr was the god of winter and was known to prefer the cold, icy days of the winter months of the year. Son of Sif and stepson of Thor, Ullr was an archer so good that none could equal him. He was usually depicted as handsome to look at with a bow and skis.

Ullr would have been dressed in thick furs which served to keep him warm in the harsh climate he loved. He is also known for crossing the countryside on snowshoes and gliding across lakes on skates. He loved hunting and took pleasure in caring little for snow or ice. Ullr's Hall was called Ydalir, "Yew Dales".

Ullr is said to be the god who gave humanity the ability to ski. No one could match his skill on skis. He was also an accomplished horseman, although no steed was associated with him. The colors of Ullr are the rich green of the yew needles and the red of its berries. For this reason, the yew is one of its symbols, along with the bow and the skis.

Ullr's father is never mentioned in tradition or sagas. There are two theories about this. The first theory suggests that a Frost Giant was his father, because of his love of cold and winter. The second theory suggests that his father was from the Vanir. This theory is supported by his close association with the Vanir gods, sometimes called one of the Vanir himself.

Although absent from most myths, Ullr is considered a peer of Odin and beloved of the Aesir. It was said during Odin's absence from Asgard during the Wild Hunt that Ullr ascended to the position of King of the Gods. Some have said that he takes all power over Midgard and Asgard during this time. It was also said that he took Frigg as his wife during these months. To Ostara, Odin returns to flee Ullr and regain his rightful place as king of the Aesir.

Rackets are depicted as shields and for this reason Ullr is known as a "shield god". It is called upon by individuals who are participating in a duel or fighting for their lives.

Due to their close association, in Sweden Skadi and Ullr are said to be married. Unlike her marriage to Njord, Skadi and Ullr lived in perfect harmony as their tastes were so congenial. Skadi, as the female personification of winter, is the perfect image for the god of winter.

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Today, the Asatru celebrate the god of the hunt Ullr and the goddess of winter Skadi. This festival marks the entry of Scandinavia into the winter cycle, so a good hunt brings good luck to the family until the return of the lengthening of the days. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #November 22 #asatru #ullr #skadi


Feast of Ullr