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On November 9, the Asatru celebrate Swietoslawa also known as Sigrid the Haughty.


Swietoslawa, Świętosława, Sigrid Storråda

Sigrid Storråda, better known by her Polish first name Świętosława (pronounce chvietoswava), sometimes cited using the name Germanic Gunhild, was a Polish duchess who successively became Queen of Sweden and Queen of Denmark. She is the mother of Canute the Great (also named Knut; king of Denmark, England and Norway) and Olof Skötkonung (king of Sweden).

Mieszko's daughter Ier of Poland and Dubravka, sister of Boleslas Ier the Valiant, she was born around 970 in Poznań. According to Thietmar of Merseburg, King Sven would have married not the daughter but the sister of King Borislav and would have had two sons: Knut and Harald.

For their part, the Nordic sagas formally differentiate “Gunnhild” the first wife of Sven from the second “Sigrid Storråda”, whose father would be the Viking Skoglar Toste.

Between 980 and 988, for political reasons, she married Eric VI of Sweden (Eric VI the Victorious), Mieszko wanting to build an alliance against the Danes.

In 998, three years after the death of Eric VI, she is said to have married Sven Ier (960-1014), king of Denmark (985-1014). A Danish source speaks of Første ægteskab: Gunhild af Venden, datter af polsk hertug: which means “[Sven’s] first marriage: Gunhild of Venden, daughter of the Duke of Poland”. At the time, Venden or Wendes was the word used to designate the Polish tribes, or even the slavs Westerners. Gunhild is Swietoslawa's other name. The Duke of Poland is Mieszko Ier.

This marriage is of great historical importance, Swietoslawa being the daughter and sister of Polish sovereigns, the wife and mother of sovereigns ruling Sweden, Norway, Denmark and England. In Scandinavia, she is known as Sigrid (Sigrid Storrada, Sigrid Storråda, Sigrid the Haughty, Sigrid the Haughty). It is under this name that she is mentioned in the Nordic sagas.

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Today, the Asatru celebrate Queen Sigrid the Haughty. Very present in the sagas of Iceland and Nordic as queen of Sweden and then Denmark, her children would build the Viking Age and the North Sea Empire, controlling all of Northern Europe. #mythology #myth #legend #9November #calendar #asatru #swietoslawa #sigrid