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The Double Nine Festival (Chong Yang Festival or Chung Yeung Festival in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan); Chōyō no Sekku (Japanese :重陽の節句, Kiku no Sekku); Jungyangjeol (Hangul: 중양절, Hanja: 重陽節), observed on the ninth day of the ninth calendar month Chinese, is a traditional festival chinese, mentioned in writings since before the Eastern Han period (before AD 25).

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Double Nine Festival or Double Yang Festival

According to the I Ching, nine is a yang number; the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese calendar (or double nine) has too much yang (a traditional Chinese spiritual concept) and is therefore a potentially very auspicious date. Therefore, the day is also called the “Double Yang Festival” (重陽節).

It is customary to climb a high mountain, drink chrysanthemum liquor, and carry the zhuyu (茱萸) plant Cornus officinalis. (Both chrysanthemum and zhuyu are considered to have cleansing qualities and are used on other occasions to air homes and treat illnesses.)

During this festival, some Chinese also visit the graves of their ancestors to pay respects. In Hong Kong and Macau, entire extended families head to ancestral tombs to clean them and repaint the inscriptions and arrange food offerings such as roast suckling pig and fruit, which are then eaten (after the spirits have consumed the spiritual element of the food).

Chongyang cake is also popular. Incense sticks are burned. Cemeteries are crowded and every year lit incense sticks inadvertently start grass fires.

At Japan, the festival is known as Chōyō but also as the Chrysanthemum Festival (菊の節句, Kiku no Sekku) and it is one of Japan's five ancient sacred festivals (sekku). It is most often celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month according to the Gregorian calendar rather than the lunar calendar, i.e. on the 9th september. It is celebrated in both Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

The festival is celebrated in the wish for longevity in one's life and is observed by drinking chrysanthemum sake and eating dishes such as chestnut rice or (kuri-gohan) and chestnuts with sticky rice or (guri- mochi).

In Korea, the festival is known as Jungyangjeol (중양절), and it is celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month. THE Koreans ate chrysanthemum leaves in pancakes. As the festival is meant to celebrate and cultivate good health, outdoor activities such as carrying dogwood, climbing hills or mountains for picnics, and gazing at chrysanthemum flowers are carried out.

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Today, countries within China's sphere of influence celebrate double nine, or double yang. People climb to a height to have a picnic, this is supposed to reproduce an action that once saved the lives of a group of people. There are several versions of the story differing in the identity of the characters and the type of calamity avoided. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #doublenine #doubleyang #Chine


Double Nine Party