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Yap Day is a public holiday in the State of Yap, one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), which occurs annually on March 1. It is a celebration of traditional Yap culture. Common activities held during this time include competitions and traditional dances.

Yap Day

Yap Day, for the Yap people

Each year, a different village hosts Mit-mit and offers traditional and Western cuisine. Before Yap Day, villages rehearse traditional dances, which serve as a mode of storytelling. Outer islanders are prohibited from participating in the dances, although they may attend. Competitions include traditional tattooing, produce competitions and traditional games.

The Yap Tradition Navigation Society is hosting an event where participants build and sail traditional canoes. On the last day, the Yap Visitors Bureau hosts a welcome reception to honor the guests who have visited the island.

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Today, the Yap people celebrate their culture in Micronesia. Many competitions and traditional dances recall the memory of this #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #yapday #micronesia 1TP5Q1March


Yap Day