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Pancha Ganapati is a five-day 20th century Hindu family festival celebrated from December 21 to 25 in honor of Ganesh, patron of the arts and guardian

Pancha Ganapati

Pancha Ganapati, a family celebration in honor of Ganesh

During each of the five days of Pancha Ganapati (Ganesh), the family practices a different spiritual discipline (sadhana).

An altar is created in the main living room of the house and decorated in the spirit of this festive occasion. At its center is a large five-faced wooden or bronze statue of Mahadeva Pancha Ganapati. If this is not possible, any large image or statue of Lord Ganesh will do.

Ganesh is often represented coming from the forest; therefore, pine branches (or banana leaves) can be used. Flashing lights, garlands and colorful hanging ornaments can also be added.

Every morning, the children dress or decorate Ganesh in a different color:

  • Golden yellow on December 21
  • Royal blue on December 22
  • Ruby Red on December 23
  • Emerald Green on December 24
  • Brilliant orange on December 25.

These are the colors of his five powers, or shaktis.

Every day, a platter of sweets, fruits and incense is offered to Ganapati (Ganesh), often prepared and presented by children. Songs, songs and bhajanas are sung to him. After the Puja, the abundant and various sweets are shared among all as prasada (offering). 

Every day, gifts are given to the children, who place them in front of Pancha Ganapati only to open them on the fifth day. Gifts should not be extravagant or expensive; they should respect the means of each family. Ganesh does not want donations to be used to promote Western capitalism, but rather to promote Hindu culture. Greeting cards, ideally made by children about art and wisdom

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Pancha Ganapati