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Hakata Gion Yamakasa (博多祇園山笠) is a festival Japanese celebrated from July 1 to 15 in Hakata, Fukuoka. The festivities center around the Kushida Jinja. The festival is famous for the Kakiyama, which weigh around a ton and are carried around the city as a float racing act.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa

Hakata Gion Yamakasa

On pense que le festival a plus de 770 ans et attire jusqu’à un million de spectateurs chaque année. Il a été désigné bien culturel folklorique immatériel important du Japon en 1979. Le son du Yamakasa a également été sélectionné par le ministère de l’Environnement comme l’un des 100 paysages sonores du Japon.

The tanks, called Yamakasa, are divided into two groups. Kakiyama are the smaller transportable floats that travel around the city, while Kazariyama are stationary floats, built up to 13 meters high and often depict historical or mythical events in the culture Japanese

Originally, the Kakiyama and Kazariyama were one, with the large chariots being transported through the city. However, the Yamakasa were divided in 1898 when power lines in Hakata became too common for large Yamakasa to be transported through the streets.

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Today, the Japanese of Fukuoka celebrate Hakata Gion yamakasa until July 15. Famous for its one-ton chariot race, its history is some seven hundred and fifty years long. #mythology #myth #legend #1July #calendar #japan #fukuoka #Hakata


Hakata Gion Yamakasa